World of Goo

Today I tried the released Linux version of World of Goo. I tried the demo and after I got through the demo chapter I decided that I will buy this game.
See the World of Goo web page for more information.

The four reasons why I loved to buy this game is first of all it provides a Linux version, second it has no DRM, third it is a small development team and not part of one of the big publishers and the forth and maybe the most important point it is so much FUN to play.

I’m off playing.

Mario Galaxy

Mario Galaxy
Yesterday I found finally time to start playing Mario Galaxy and all I can say is WOHAAAAAAAAAA. Nintendo did a great job on this game. The control is very easy even if you have to walk on the walls and your stand on very small planets where you get around very quickly.

I only got about 6 stars yet but I could already fly around as Bee Mario. I am very excited to see what more brilliant ideas they have come up with.