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Yaom LogoI haven’t talked about my project yet. As a short introduction Yaom has the goal to be a media center that satisfies my personal needs of a media center. I tried other open source media centers before. Every one has it good points and they are quite major sometimes. I tried to improve them but some time they just did not fit for what i wanted. So I decided to do it my self.
The main goal is to have every functionality as a plugin, that if a plugin can’t do what you want it should be easy to replace it.

At the moment I have a kernel with a configuration backend working, both will be used by the plugins. The rest of the functionality shold be implemented in the plugins not should not be fixed in the application.

Today I just got the file loader for the audio backend working. It now loads the files and stores the meta information of the audio files with the help of kaa.metadata into the data base. For the database access I use the object-relational mapper Storm from Canonical. It is quiet easy to use so far.