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Spam Spam Spam

Maybe we have to see if we get a better spam protection for the blog on the Enterprise Lab. In the beginning i got about 1 spam message per month but now I get almost every day at least one. Since I moderate all the comments I usually just have to remove them, but this is still annoying.

Well lets see if the others get the same problem or if it is a problem i got my self with the popularity of certain posts. Since I only get spam to one post.

AOL moves to Jabber?


This post (AOL adopting xmpp aka jabber) looks very promising.
I hope that AOL will adopt jabber. This way I would be freed once more from a proprietary protocol that I have to use.

Mario Galaxy

Mario Galaxy
Yesterday I found finally time to start playing Mario Galaxy and all I can say is WOHAAAAAAAAAA. Nintendo did a great job on this game. The control is very easy even if you have to walk on the walls and your stand on very small planets where you get around very quickly.

I only got about 6 stars yet but I could already fly around as Bee Mario. I am very excited to see what more brilliant ideas they have come up with.

Getting started!

I just set up the blog on the enterprise lab. I will write about my projects here.