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Cryptography Libraries

Yesterday evening i stumbled over cryptolib. A crypto library that looks quite good and feature rich. In addition the library has bindings to a lot of different languages for example: C/C++, Python, Java, C#, Delphi,…

In the past I got some experience with OpenSSL which worked well but has almost no documentation at least for the development interface. The cryptolib has a very nice documentation as far as I can tell. It is very easy to read not the usual library gibberish that is almost as boring as sitting in a waiting room.

The library is distributed under a dual license one opensource license the Sleepycat license and a commercial license. But it is still free to be used for small and research application without a buying a license.

The documentation of the library has also some interesting information about the usage of cryptography in applications. It describes how security is used today and who this could be improved.

Change of Multiple Files

Today needed to change the namespace of my project. Since this would lead to go through all the sourcefiles and change the namespace I was looking for a tool that helps me with this. After a few search request I found in the beginning only windows tools. Then I found a python script that helped in the ActiveState Python Cookbook.

I made some small changes to the script to get it easier to use.

  • use of getopt to get the command line parameters.
  • added ignore regex to specify files/directories that should be ignored
  • changed the use of the regex for the files. now match is used instead of search

The script can be found here

An example how to to use the script you find here.

An other way to solve this problem would be using a full featured development environment. But since the project was setup with vim this was not an option.