Looking back

2010 Herbstsemester – the Enterprise Application (ENAPP) module in particular – has been tuff. Some of the students in ENAPP suffered, others shine brilliant. The full range is available. The guest lecturers – Bela Ban who get the attention as a expert in the field of “High Availability”, Fabian tighten the labs for the Enterprise Security part and Marcel Baumann did an excellent job by talking and showing the students Programming skills. He was the highlight for this semester. The fact is true for all students, they’re all better now. They program better, they think more like programming. But still, the DdD (test driven development) is not there yet. But the students gets interested. Maybe pair programming is the answer in hard core  system programming or very related to solution focussed algorithm finding. But for Enterprise Application Programming there is no other way then DdD. There are far too many students loosing track when start looking for errors. Distributed debugging is another keyword. Not everything work just fine as locally on the beloved notebook. It should be seen as a Tool to program server side. You think server side, you program server side in mind. – Now, debugging happens also serverside, you need to understand the system, how things work together. – Then you know what’s going on, what’s happened right now inside the Software System.

It was great working with the students and the assistants this year. Their progress I noted was remarkable. Some still yelling, as always looking for the the mistakes in others pocket. Fortunately their the minority, otherwise it wouldn’t be fun anymore. So Thanks for that great effort of yours – Goos luck for the MEP. Thanks to Heinz Marti who did a hell of a job (in fact one of his first job ever from Education – or was it iCompany?). He wrote the samples, he debugged and fixed lots of erroneous student applications and he kept the students on track.

Bruno Joho

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