sshfs – or why I really love Josef

despite the fact of the strong discussion I sometimes have with our chief mathematician “JFB” (he won’t use Wikis until he’s able to synchronize them with his notebook!!) he’s a rich source for UNIX knowledge, and of course a true friend.  Actually he convinced me 15 years ago to use Unix, thanks Josef. The other day he came up with the recommendation to  use macfuse and sshfs.  My first impression, its a wonderful tool specially for developers. Just imagine you do not need NFS with it’s exuberant port allocation and the resulting trouble with firewalls, just type:
sshfs remoteuser@remotehost:/path/to/remote_dir local_mountpoint

and your NetBeans will use the local_mountpoint as a working directory or the Mac finder will show all the files and subdirectories in remote_dir.

Josef, I wrote this post with my Mac at my knees and was never afraid loosing any data (hoping the guys at the Enterprise Lab doing their backup job). This is Web 2.0 and sun we’re entering web 3.0 by living in virtual worlds such as Wonderland.

One thought on “sshfs – or why I really love Josef

  1. falstaff

    ssh is really getting ahead! I think its meanwhile one of the best supported protocol in heterogeneous networks beside the common internet protocols.

    Thanks to Putty, WinSCP and the strong native support of ssh protocol family from unix systems… It really helps to run heterogeneous networks.

    Of course, I use sshfs daily since I switched to linux… 🙂

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