$HOME move to ZFS

Since we had some file system problems we decided better take the opportunity to move all our $HOME to the rising star of the file systems ZFS. This was achieved very easily:

  • make sure you have a valid backup of the current home directories
  • unmount all
  • create a zfs pool
    # zpool create -f userhome <device number, …>
  • we hide the default mount point “userhome” and create a new one by mapping userhome/home to /export/home
    # zfs userhome/home
    # zfs set mountpoint=/export/home userhome/home
    # zfs set mountpoint=none userhome
    # zfs set
  • after restoring the $HOME backup, we need to make an entry in /etc/dfs/dfstab and share all (zfs would not need a dfstab entry if we didn’t hide the userhome mount point).

To clarify: If you “pwd” in your $HOME you see /export/home/<username>. If we would not hide the default mountpoint (userhome) we would see an additional empty mountpoint: /userhome .

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