Learning Java Enterprise @HSLU

The Lab Exercise of the Bachelor module Enterprise Application reached the  second Milestone. It’s a JEE5 application with typical web shop requirements. The shop sales mp3 song files payable by credit card. Milestone 2 includes JAX-WS, JMS, stateful and staeless Beans, Message Driven Beans, and of course the EJB3 persistent Framework which uses 1 (read only) DB hosting the songs and song metadata, and another DB hosting the client and sales data. The credit card check is implemented as a web service running on a dedicated server in the Enterprise Lab. The application does not yet include any sophisticated security. This topic will be addressed in milestone 3. Container based (declarative) Security and other security tools such as access manager will be included in the application.

I’m very pleased by the progress an the interest produced by the students and pretty sure the the way we follow by teaching Enterprise Application Technologies has a bright future. First time the Industry can count on the Education Institutes (I mean we) to get graduates with in depth knowledge about Enterprise Architectures (Thanks to Prof. Joerg Hofstetter) and Enterprise Application Technologies. Stay tuned and read more about final Bachelor works. We got some very interesting JEE5 and some nice Unix applications.  Same station, same time….

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