Working with GIMP

I can tell you people, I am not a good graphic designer. It is not that I do not like it, but my knowledge and experience in this kind of area is very low. So the image you will “admire” is my first try with GIMP. It might be easy for a professional, but I had my problems with it.

First I imported the hand image. After that i put the plan in another layer and rescaled and transformed it. In the end the rescaled and transparent logo on the top left corner.


First time using Processing

I want to be honest with you. Processing is not my favourite programming language. But it could also be that I just did not investigate that much time.

The biggest problem I have (yes, still have) is embedding the processing project to this blog post. So i actually did the excercise but could not find a way yet how to show it to you.

Did it. At least as a GIF.